Thank you for your interest in Bright Meadow, where students prepared to soar!

Private Fun & Advanced Education!
Multi-Sensory & Kinesthetic Phonics Curriculum!
Early Reading, Math & Handwriting!
Brain Gym® Educational Kinesiology!
Spanish Introduction & Bible Lessons!
Montessori Style Classes & Materials!

Exceptional Foundation & Academic Advantage for Student Achievement!
We believe children are gifts from God. Our heart is to teach them both academically & also Spiritually about the love of God, Jesus, Bible stories (non-denominational) & forgiveness. We are not church supported, but consider our programs to be our personal ministries for kids!

Bright Meadow kids form proper learning habits, discover answers & experience success! With our Private Education and Semi-Structured Program, most all children gain a mastery of basic phonics & early reading before graduating! This jump-start for kindergarten has resulted in many students maintaining advanced performance in their elementary years! They develop respectfulness, responsibility, orderliness, & self-discipline. They gain positive character traits and social skills. Kids grow in their love for God, in their self-esteem, and have fun while learning!

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