Soaring Performance! The majority of our students attending 2 years complete our K-4 Kindergarten level class & graduate from Bright Meadow with early reading & advanced skills.
More Instruction! 3.75 Hrs/Day! 7:45-11:30 am.  Students have more hours of instruction/year than many other preschools!  (Same schedule as Moore County Schools, except first and last day.)

Thank you for considering Bright Meadow for your child’s preschool education this fall! We hope you will find us to remain very reasonable for the value of education you invest in your child. Bright Meadow educates more hours per day and more days per year than most other preschool programs!

We have many curriculum enhancements over the years with proven results. The majority of our students master basic phonics and early reading upon graduation. In addition, many Pre-K students’ performance is advanced, and we integrate Kindergarten level instruction as they are ready.

We have been honored to hear from parents and West End Elementary teachers on how well our graduates are excelling in elementary school as a result of their early preschool education at Bright Meadow. Although we are private and not church supported, our staff considers our work to be a ministry as well, and we thank you for the privilege of joining with you in the moral and academic education of your children.

-Shirley Ptak Norlin, Director

Private Education & Student Readiness

Bright Meadow operates with a program and environment focused on fun academics. Since 2003, we have been able to serve most children’s developmental and academic needs within our program, where most students succeed and graduate at an advanced level.

Because we are not a day care but have an academic focus, students should be generally receptive to instruction and guidance, and demonstrate a willingness to learn and to be directed as we teach and train them socially and academically.  (Many children are ready to begin preschool at age 2.)  They should able to communicate their needs, wants and maintain some degree of eye contact when doing so.   We very much count it a privilege to partner with you in this process of educating and training your child!

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