Bright Meadow Christian Preschool

2019-2020 School Calendar

Inclement Weather & Closing Policies

(Part of the Bright Meadow Christian Preschool Parent Handbook.)

Calendar: Bright Meadow (BM) Holidays will be the same as Moore County Schools (MCS).  See  However, the BM first and last days of school, as well as some BM Teacher Work Days, may or may not be the same as MCS.   Calendar is subject to change.

Attendance:  Days of attendance vary yearly due to the following:   BM and MCS calendars, your child’s chosen attendance schedule, Holidays, and when Teacher Work Days are scheduled.   Considering our enrollment, the structure of our program, the size of our classrooms, and the need to stay within our student/teacher ratios, BM does not permit students to attend on alternate days to make up for a day BM is closed or student absences.  Keep in mind that tuition is a yearly rate as is standard with private schools and is not set by the number of potential days of attendance.

Parties:   Considering the information above, holiday parties are open only to students who normally attend the day they are held.  School calendars change yearly, and we try to schedule parties evenly to students on all schedules.  However, it is likely that students who attend only a partial week will miss a school party.

Inclement Weather:  Check local media for delays or closings.  If you feel conditions are unsafe, please stay home. We follow the same schedule as Moore County Schools, with these exceptions:

  • Two-Hour Delay – Bright Meadow will also have a Two-Hour Delay, but close at 12:30 p.m.
  • You will be notified if Bright Meadow differs from the Moore County School schedule.

Missed School Days Due to Inclement Weather:  Regarding our academic curriculum, BM has allowed for closings due to inclement weather.  Assuming we will have a usual school year with occasional closings due to inclement weather, BM students will definitely complete our curriculum.  In addition, BM has several weeks of academic review scheduled at the end of the school year in order that make-up days will not be required.

Temporary Closings:  We reserve the right to temporarily close in the event that:  we are unable to employ a substitute teacher as needed, there is widespread illness, emergency, or for any other reason, in which cases parents will be notified with as much notice as possible.  A last minute phone call to parents may be necessary, or we may be required to announce our closing when parents arrive at our facility.  Parents are responsible to find alternate care if BM closes.  We appreciate your understanding if such a closing occurs.

Closing Information:


Phone:   910-947-2976 for recorded message

Radio:    WIOZ 102.5 FM Southern Pines    WFLB 96.5 FM Fayetteville        WQNX 1350 AM Aberdeen

WEEB 990 AM Southern Pines       WQSM 98 FM Fayetteville

TV:        WFMY Ch. 2 Greensboro                WGHP Ch. 8 Highpoint                WNCN Ch. 17 Raleigh

WRAL Ch. 5 Raleigh                       WTVD Ch. 11 Durham                  News 14 Carolina Ch. 14

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