Classrooms / Curriculums

Our classrooms are divided into three different categories.

    1. Preschool Essentials (Age 2-3)
    1. Pre-K & Intermediate Preschool (Age 3-4)
  1. K-4 & Advanced Pre-K (Age 4-5)

Find out more about each classroom by clicking the classroom name above.

The Bright Meadow Advantage!

Exceptional Preschool Instruction for a Foundation that Launches Students for Elementary School!

    • Multi-Sensory Kinesthetic Phonics Instruction!    Teaches all aspects of the Language Arts process in an integrated curriculum of language arts, math, science, crafts, health & safety, nutrition, social studies, PE, communication, sensory experience & geography – all taught phonemically!    Whole-body Signals are used for early retention of upper/lower case letters & phonics sounds, beginning at Age 2.    Fosters advanced reading skills through alphabet instructions, phonemic awareness, literature, oral language, sound blending, word building, other concepts of print, etc!    Eyes, ears, mouth & body form a signaling vehicle for learning!    Neuro-developmental methods aid in memory retention!
    • Progressive Perceptual-Motor Handwriting!    Incorporates traditional teaching to develop form recognition & orientation, fine-motor control, linear control, fluency, eye-hand coordination, spacial judgement & more!
    • “Brain Gym®” Educational Kinesiology!    Body exercises enhance whole-brain learning!    Specific movements “Switch-On” brain-integration mechanism & target reading, concentration, math, speech, writing, spelling, listening & comprehension, memory, coordination, balance, spacial awareness, vision, energy, dyslexia, social behavior, & organization!    Potential in increased!    Helps prevent/move through learning blocks!    Results can be immediate with long-term benefits!
    • Character & Moral Training, Bible Lessons!    Develops respectfulness, responsibility, orderliness & self-discipline, growing in their self-esteem & love for God!
    • Qualified & Experienced Teachers!    Genuinely encouraged in semi-structured fun academics & custom Montessori style materials with hands-on exploration!
  • Preschool Spanish!    Introduction to numbers, colors, vocabulary, & pronunciation!



7:45   School opens, Wash hands, Self-Directed Learning & Individual or Small Group Instruction for Phonics and Handwriting

8:45   Brain Gym® Educational Kinesiology Exercises, Potty Break

9:00   Circle Time:  Prayer, Bible, Phonics/Math Lesson, Weather, Calendar, Special Activity/Work demos, Songs, etc.

9:30   Special Activity: Lesson Seat Work, Fine Motor Work, Arts/Crafts, Bookmobile Visit

10:00     Wash Hands, Snack Time, Quiet Book Look or Educational Video (i.e., Math, Phonics, Science/Nature, Bible)

10:30  Gross Motor Play, Music & Movement (Kool Kids room or Playground) Potty Break

11:00     Wash Hands, Circle Time: Spanish, Story Time, Other

11:30     Folders, Behavior Chart, Clean-up for Dismissal

11:45     School Closes

Notes:  Times are approximate and may vary depending on lessons & activities of the day.  The Age 2-3 class may have a second circle time & additional potty breaks.  Though we have scheduled potty breaks, children are free to use the restroom at any time.

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