Our Launch

With one of our four children  having  special-needs years  ago, I acquired experience volunteering at a Montessori school then home schooling four times over the years. I discovered methods targeting learning styles, multi-sensory curriculum, neuro-developmental approaches, & old-fashioned traditional teaching.  These contributed greatly in proper functioning for speech/language, motor skills, and cognitive areas.  Two of my children also benefitted directly from Brain Gym® Educational Kinesiology, now taught at Bright Meadow & Kool Kids.  While also having a creative flare, enjoying drama, pantomime, guitar, singing, art, teaching VBS, I was able to blend a lot of fun & success into teaching! Then Bright Meadow Christian Preschool was born in 2003! Attending  seminars then  leading church home groups for Child Rearing has also enable me to offer support to parents in their efforts, challenges and decisions regarding their children.  My heart and personal ministry is to serve and meet the needs of children & families in our community!

                    – Shirley Ptak Norlin, Director


Shirley Ptak Norlin has been a local resident since 1992 and is also the Director of Kool Kids for grades K-5th with After School Care, & Spring Break & Summer Day Camps!

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